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Benefits of our Patients

Effective primary diagnostic care of head and spinal injuries saves lives and reduces recovery periods. Therefore, it is vital that the patient receives the care of a qualified neurosurgeon as soon as possible. As the clinic is operating by the only qualified neurosurgeon in the Red Sea area (Dr. Hazem Mostafa and his team) the patient is ensured to have the best of primary care.

Through functioning as a lecturer in medical schools and key University hospitals in Cairo, Dr. Hazem Mostafa offers patients in need of specialized surgery or aftercare, the services of a network of hospitals in Egypt. This ensures regional limitations and does not affect the patient's recovery.

A fully computerized patient record's management system ensures patients transferring either internally within Egypt or externally and a vital documentation to aid their speeded recovery.

We also offer additional psychiatric consultation and weight management either weight loss or weight control, through lifestyle modification tips and nutritional advice, that could be part of our rehabilitation programs for the spinal problems (neck and back).

The most convincing argument for effective primary neurological care actually comes from our patients, who due to accidents or illness need such care while visiting Egypt. I believe the following extracts from e-mails received at 'Neuro Clinic' demonstrate this fact.

Neuro Clinic takes pride in its patients, if you would like to share your story please send an email to info@neuroclinic-egypt.com

Prolapsed Disc with Cauda Equina

In 2008 an American national female, age 36 years old presented suddenly with severe lower back pain followed by Cauda Equina and foot drop on right side.

Email: While arriving in Egypt on business only three weeks in and I found myself in severe pain and unable to walk. I was brought to the emergency room and told I needed emergency surgery due to disc prolapse resulting in severe spinal cord compression. I was recommended by a business colleague to be evaluated by Dr. Hazem Mostafa, to whom did not hesitate to come see me in El Gouna and immediately confirm the prognoses. I was transported to Cairo where Dr. Hazem performed a 12 hour surgery that in a blessing and his expertise allowed me to walk again. I have since been with Doctor Hazem with ongoing Care for my Multiple Sclerosis and have my full faith and trust in him. He has been a true blessing to my life.

Low back pain with Sciatica

German national male, aged 36 years old had sever low back pain and right sciatica after carrying a heavy object due to disc prolapse with sequestrated fragment causing a Cauda Equina lesion not responding to medical treatment and leading to surgical interference .

Email: Most "exiting" event for me was of course my back disc problem I was faced during my vacation in Egypt. But I realized pretty soon, that I fortunately was in the hands of very good doctor! I want to thank you again for your excellent work! I have heard from other people here in Germany, which have had a similar operation, and they are not as lucky as I am now! It is even possible for me to do scuba-diving again. Of course I have to treat my back with care (not to lift too heavy objects, etc.)

Note from Dr. Hazem: I want to thank one of my patients, Mr. Achim Goldmann, who published in January 2005 his personal report on his own website

(click on NeuroClinic Logo): http://www.aquaactive.de/aquamed/aquamedinfo/index.htm

Low back pain after fall

German national female, aged 20 years old had sever low back pain due to fall on the back down stairs leading to Medical and spine care treatment

Email: Dear Dr. Hazem Mostafa, I am thankful for your care and professional help, because of it you made sure that I have no backache anymore. Also, that you made a house visit because I wasn't able to travel. The medicine has worked wonders and I took my flight back to Germany.

Transient Ischemic Attack (TIA)

Italian national male, aged 51 years old had several attacks of transient right-sided hemiparesis, that was diagnosed and managed as TIA (Transient Ischemic Attacks) due to left carorid artery plaque which was further diagnosed and confirmed by carotid duplex, MRI and MRA for brain and neck done at Cairo where the patient was transferred to NeuroClinic Cairo

Email: I would like to thank you so much for your kind care and the professional management you and your team did for my condition, now I'm able to live my life without fear from another attack.

Disc Prolapse

Belgium national female, aged 45 years old, has sever low back pain due to disc prolapse leading to Medical and spine care treatment

Email: My husband and I wish to thank you most warmly for your kind reception on Saturday afternoon October 19 at the clinic and your very good care and treatment. Thanks to you I have been able to fly back home to Brussels Sunday evening and I may even say that since Monday afternoon I can walk normally and move much easier. For your information, I'm working normally now.

Epilepticus with Conscious Deterioration

German national female, aged 47 years old, had status epilepticus and deterioration of conscious level leading to intensive medical care and treatment

Email: Now in Germany she is getting better every day. It is not necessary for her to go to hospital again. Her doctor is reducing her medication gradually as you said and she is sure it will be successful. We thank you for every thing you did for us

Pediatric Head Trauma

German national female aged 9 years old. had accident leading to head trauma causing coma and needing urgent life-saving brain surgery

Email: Last week we showed the reports and the x-rays to the head of the surgery in our local hospital to the head of department of neurosurgery, after studying the details he told us that there is no need for neurological examinations or x-rays as long as she feels fine and the operation done to her last month by Dr. Hazem was perfectly done, Now she lives a normal life and went back to her school. Thank you